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Purchase Inspection

Spending the time up front to do a thorough inspection will give you confidence in your purchase.  Hidden problems can lie under the paint or inside structural panels.  Mechanical issues can lead to costly issues if not identified during an inspection.  Majority of the classic cars on the road today have had some type of work preformed.  It is our task to find this work, determine the quality and make an education judgement on whether the vehicle is going to have issues or be a worry free endless amount of enjoyment. 

$3,500 - Details below 

$1,750 due prior to inspection.

$1,750 due upon finished report ready for delivery.

Payment must be made in full prior to report being delivered.

Travel expenses are included in price for domestic travel to lower 48 states.

Inspection will not determine the originality, rarity, or history added value of the vehicle.


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