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Treasure Hunt

Do you have that one car that you would love to add to your collection?  Or a list of cars that you would like to acquire?  And don't want to wait for a restoration project.  There are many great cars out there waiting for a new caretaker.  Whether they are in a concourse state or poor condition and ready to be rebuilt, timely, reliable services that saves you time are our highest priority.

A restoration may not be the way to go. 

Service packages are classified into 5 categories based on vehicle condition and buyers preferences.  See packages below...

Concourse Condition - A+ Grade 

Has no visible flaws. Mechanically superior. Pristine body and paint. Preferably fresh restoration, original vehicle, factory/period correct or new vehicle.

Excellent Condition - A Grade

Has minimal visible flaws from 5 foot away. Mechanically sound. Does not need body work or paint. Preferably fresh restoration or original with minimal miles driven.

Good Condition - B Grade

Has an occasional flaw visible from 10 feet away. Mechanically sound with minimal repairs and or replacements required. Minimal body work or paint correction needed. Older restoration or used vehicle with average miles driven for the year and minimal road wear.

Fair Condition - C Grade

Has noticeable flaws from 15 feet away.  May need mechanical maintenance, repairs and replacement of components to be road worthy and safe. May need paint correction. Has road wear and has higher miles.

Poor Condition - D Grade

Has noticeable flaws at 20 feet away from the car. Needs extensive mechanical maintenance, repairs and replacement of components. Extensive body and paint correction needed. Not road worthy in current state due to reliability and safety.

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